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Made to Order Reputation and Marketing Solutions Aimed at Helping Restaurants Thrive in a Digital Era


In any given market, there are endless restaurants from which to choose, and it is those with elevated reputations that earn that greatest piece of the pie. Today, potential customers rely heavily on the opinions of others before deciding where to dine. This is why proactive management of online reviews has become crucial for restaurant owners. At The Reputation Lab, our My Review Concierge program offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to simplify and enhance the review management process. From responding to reviews and tracking performance to gaining valuable insights and amplifying positive feedback, My Review Concierge empowers restaurant owners to take control of their online reputation and drive business growth. How does My Review Concierge save you time and gain you more restaurant reservations?



Easy-to-Use Dashboard

My Review Concierge provides an intuitive dashboard that consolidates all your online restaurant reviews, like those earned on OpenTable, TripAdvisor, Google and more into one central location. This user-friendly interface allows restaurant owners to efficiently manage and monitor their online reputation. Accessible at any time, the dashboard enables real-time review tracking, making it easier to stay on top of customer feedback and take immediate action when needed.


Easy Responses to Restaurant Reviews

One of the key features provided on My Review Concierge is the ability for restaurant managers to easily respond to customer reviews. Engaging with both positive and negative reviews demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction. With My Review Concierge, restaurant owners can conveniently address feedback directly from a centralized dashboard, fostering meaningful connections with customers and showcasing a responsive and attentive approach.


Smart Responses

My Review Concierge leverages advanced AI technology to offer smart responses to reviews. This feature suggests appropriate and personalized responses, saving restaurant owners valuable time while ensuring that each interaction with customers is thoughtful and meaningful. Smart responses help maintain consistency in brand messaging and facilitate efficient communication with reviewers.


Alerts & Notifications

With My Review Concierge, restaurant owners can set up customizable alerts and notifications. This ensures that they never miss an important review or feedback, enabling prompt responses and proactive reputation management. Whether it's a positive review that deserves appreciation or a negative one that requires urgent attention, these alerts help maintain a proactive approach towards online reviews.


Reporting & Insights

Understanding the overall performance of your restaurant is essential for making informed decisions. My Review Concierge offers comprehensive reporting and analytics tools that provide valuable insights into customer sentiment, trends, and areas for improvement. By harnessing this data, restaurant owners can gain a deeper understanding of their customer's preferences and tailor their offers, accordingly, ultimately enhancing the dining experience.


Feedback Amplification

Harnessing the power of positive reviews is key to building a strong online reputation.  The My Review Concierge Amplify tool enables restaurant owners to easily share positive reviews across various platforms and social media channels. By amplifying positive feedback, restaurant owners can effectively showcase their reputation, attract more customers, and increase credibility within the local community.


Local Listings Management

My Review Concierge also provides local listings management services, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information across multiple directories, review sites, and search engines. By maintaining consistent and correct details about their restaurant, owners can improve their online visibility and enhance the overall customer experience.

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