Email Marketing

Numerous studies have been centered around email marketing and have uncovered staggering statistics including that 74% of costumers prefer corporate communications through the medium and that for every $1.00 spent on an effective email campaign, businesses can earn about $45.00 on their investment.


Facts like those make it clear that if your business isn’t leveraging email to its fullest or isn’t using it at all, you’re missing out.


The Reputation Lab offers an assortment of Email Marketing services, all of which include development and deployment of your campaigns in addition to engagement tracking and analytic reporting. Whether your need is one mass email per month to your entire database, or several more targeted campaigns to niche groups within your database, we have a solution for you.


Our Email Marketing service includes:

  • A deep dive into your businesses marketing needs to determine campaign strategy

  • Secure database migration into our cutting-edge email client or active management within your pre-existing software suite

  • Campaign graphic design and copy creation that reflects your brand’s unique voice

  • Meaningful integrations of your other marketing channels

  • Automation set-up and support

  • Detailed analytics reporting

Not ready to schedule your free introductory call to learn how Email Marketing can help your business? Then consider exploring our other offerings below or contact us with any questions you may have.

Reputation Enhancment & Management (REM)

Our most robust service which includes everything in Review Response plus on-site engagement training, in-depth performance reporting and more. Learn more about Reputation Enhancement & Management.

(If you're not in the hotel or restaurant business, you'll want to explore our Review Concierge service.)

Blog Writing

Use search engine optimized blog posts to improve your reputation as an industry/area expert and your Google, Bing and Yahoo! rankings. Learn more about our Blog Writing service.

Review Response

Our team of dedicated Content Managers monitor and craft uniquely tailored review responses across several platforms to influence buyer behavior and build customer loyalty. Learn more about Review Response. (If you're not in the hotel or restaurant business, you'll want to explore our Review Concierge service.)

Social Media Management

Engage with customers, share information about local events and promotions, and build an online following on platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Learn more about Social Media Management.