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Harness Over 65 years of Hotel Sales and Marketing Experience Without Asking More From Your Team

The Reputation Lab got its start helping hotels and resorts maximize their success online. With our 65+ years of collective hospitality experience and extensive knowledge of how online reviews, digital engagement, and guest satisfaction impacts your business, we’re confident that discussing your needs with us will yield extraordinary results.

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81% of travelers always read online reviews before making a booking decision and as little as a 0.1-point jump in your average review score can yield up to a 25% increase in conversions. Our team offers several services including Review Response, our Reputation Enhancement and Management program which features in-person training, content marketing, social media management and more.  Our efforts help properties through every phase of the guest engagement process and create conditions where organic review volumes increase on popular platforms like TripAdvisor, Google, and Expedia, alongside your rankings.

Of shoppers believe that a hotel that responds to reviews cares about its guests

Of shoppers are more likely to book with a hotel that responds to reviews versus a comparable hotel that doesn’t  

Of shoppers are willing to pay more for a hotel that has a higher review score

Review Response

(Our Most Popular Service)

For many General Managers and property leaders, responding to online reviews can be a time-consuming activity that may slip down the list of priorities managed every day. The first step to enhancing your online reputation is understanding the power of online reviews and appropriately engaging with guests who are writing them. This includes both your advocates who are leaving those great five-star reviews and those who left lower scores, expressing areas of opportunity. For many hotels, this can result in dozens of reviews each week which can equate to five or six hours per week of response time. The guarantee of timely responses and a hospitable voice is why Review Response has become a sought-after service.

Reputation Enhancement & Management

(Our Signature Package)

Reputation Enhancement and Management (REM) is The Reputation Lab's most robust offering which encompasses everything Review Response does with the addition of on-property workshops, comprehensive performance reporting and much more. If your goal is to overhaul your team's mindset so they understand how to interact with guests to improve their experiences and likelihood of becoming brand evangelists, our signature REM package is for you.

We understand that there's no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to helping hospitality brands reach their engagement goals. That's why we're proud to offer additional reputation services including:

Blog Writing

When search engines help vacation-seekers and business travelers answer questions pertaining to things to do in and information on your market, will your hotel/resort website be the resource that travelers are directed to?

Our team of search engine optimization experts can ideate keyword-driven posts for your property's blog that will build your reputation as a community expert, your search engine rankings, and your ability to convert browsers into bookers. If that sounds valuable to you, learn more about our Blog Writing service.

Social Media Management

Our approach to social media is one of ongoing engagement with topics that are destination-focused, complemented with a heavy use of captivating imagery.

If you're looking for an Instagram, Twitter and Facebook-fluent partner to work with your property's leadership staff to share promotions, local events and more, learn all about Social Media Management.

Workshops & Training

Our workshops equip your team with the skills they need to create best-in-class consumer experiences.

Join companies in your industry that have improved their revenue and reputations, online and off, by leveraging our renowned programs.

Not sure which service or combination of services is right for you? Let one of our onboarding experts assess your unique needs and make recommendations by booking your free introductory call below or contact us with any questions you may have.

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