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Since launching our agency in 2014, we’ve worked with both branded (Hilton, W Hotels, Hyatt, IHG) and independent hotels as well as restaurants, home-service providers, and more.  We have processed over 1 million reviews for our partners, with each management response being uniquely written by one of our talented Content Producers.  Given our foundation in hospitality, we feel that reputation management is about converting warmth, gratitude, and resolution.  With that in mind, our management responses go above and beyond simple replies such as “thanks for the great review” or “we’re sorry things didn’t go quite right”.

Your online reviews are a powerful marketing vehicle and The Reputation Lab compliments your marketing efforts.  A well-crafted management response is an opportunity to

  • show gratitude (for the great review)

  • build loyalty

  • highlight unique selling features

  • suggestively sell events, need periods, or promotions and packages

  • educate (about topics such as deposits for incidentals or guarantees)

  • show empathy and provide resolution when needed  

Our success stories are endless and we look forward to leading you and your team toward similar results!

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