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Review Response

(Our Most Popular Hotels/Restaurants Service)

The most important step towards improving your online reputation and maximizing the additional revenue it can bring is understanding and interacting with the customers that are reviewing your business.

80% of people believe that businesses that respond to reviews care about them and 79% are willing to pay more for services that have better reviews.

When you add Review Response to your digital strategy, our team of dedicated content managers will monitor and craft uniquely tailored responses to all of the reviews you receive which will help influence buyer behavior and build customer loyalty while saving your team hours of effort.


Our Review Response service includes:

  • A Discovery Meeting, focused on gaining a full understanding of your business as it relates to the facility and operations, and the brand messaging and voice

  • Engaging, on-brand and timely management responses to each of your online reviews

  • Uniquely written (not software generated) responses from content managers with experience in your industry who know how to appropriately handle resolution

  • Management responses which identify your unique selling features; these review channels have large audiences and serve as a platform for your overall marketing message

  • Management of the review dispute process

  • Month-end reporting

Sample Responses

Automotive Repair Center - Virginia

They now have a lifetime customer - or until I have to move again

This place was great!  My 8-year old Honda Accord was a bit overdue on an oil change and once it started making some funny noises every time I came to a stop, I knew it was time to find a garage.   Being new to the DMV area and not knowing many people here, I jumped online to see if I could find a reputable garage.  After about 15 minutes of research and a couple of calls I called ABC’s Garage and made an appointment for Saturday morning.  I dropped my car off by 8:00 am as requested and by 9:30 I had received a call explaining the cause of the noise (brakes), the two possible solutions and the pricing for each.  I weighed my options (and did a quick google search while on the phone to make sure the pricing quoted was fair).  I went for the new brake pads and rotors.  By 11:15 my car was ready and it’s been running just fine ever since.

Dear Sally,

We were thrilled to earn your business once but learning that we can look forward to keeping your car in tip-top condition for many years to come leaves us smiling from ear to ear.  We thank you for sharing your accolades and we will see you for another oil change in 5,000 miles.  Please be in touch if we can assist with anything more and thank you again.


Make it a great day!


ABC’s Garage

200+ Unit Mid-Rise Apt. - West Coast

Don't Do It

I just moved out and can honestly say living there was the worst year.  The place looks nice on the surface but $1800 per month I expect to be able to sleep in peace in my own home.   noisy neighbors with footsteps and tv noise up until 3am each night.  Moving out was a night mare cramming on elevators with everyone.  Its now been three weeks and no security deposit refund yet.  Management should be ashamed of themselves.

Dear DP45,


It is our goal to ensure that each of our residents are able to relax and recharge in the comfort of their home and we are sorry to learn of your troubles with outside noises seeping into your apartment.  While we often find that many of these matters can be easily resolved with a friendly neighbor-to-neighbor conversation, we understand that not everyone will have comfort in doing so and we are always happy to assist in creating harmony within our community.  We are aware of your challenges with moving out and we once again regret that the freight elevator had already been reserved for your desired date.  Our leases detail the anticipated time line one can expect in regard to security deposits and while we trust you will find this arriving in your mail in the days ahead, we do encourage you to be in touch should that not occur.  Once more, it was a pleasure to have you as part of our community and we if we can do anything more, please let us know.


Best Regards,


Your friends at ABC Community

Upscale Branded Hotel - Savannah

Insects in the room!

The Good: Design, Cleanliness

The Bad: Bugs in the room

Dear Guest,

Warm greetings from Savannah, and thank you for choosing our hotel as your home-base while visiting the historic district. We are warmed to read that you so enjoyed the beauty and grandeur of our hotel which we trust you found was perfectly complemented by a gracious hospitality and welcoming spirit created by our team. While we are elated that aspects of your visit were near perfection, we regret to learn of your added feedback. Being in a historic district so close to the water, there are times when Palmetto Bugs and other insects are more prevalent, and with many guests opening the French Doors that lead to their balconies, it is certainly possible for one of these flying friends to land in a room. We understand this can be disturbing and have preventative measures in place to avoid such situations. As we hope you discovered, our colleagues are also happy to assist however they can to ensure each of our guests is resting in comfort and we apologize once more for the unwanted visitor. We appreciate your added feedback and on behalf of all of us, we hope you might join us again so that we can provide you with an experience which can be cherished for years to come.

Warm Regards,

ABC General Manager

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