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Sample Responses

Automotive Repair Center - Arizona

Not so likely to return

This place is a joke.  First it took me three calls before I could get anyone on the phone.  Then I take my car in for a standard service and oil change and they tell me that it’s going to take FOUR hours!  WhATTTTT?  Why so long and I’ve got stuff to do but now my plans for the day are ruined; thankfully there is a shopping center nearby so I killed a couple hours there.  Poor and slow service, not likely to go back. 

Dear MJ783,


Greetings and thank you for sharing your review.  As a team, we place great value in customer feedback as it allows us to understand what customers most appreciate and how the service experience at ABC Garage can be elevated even further.  As you likely discovered, our standard service package includes a few little extras, including the topping off of all engine fluids, an internal vacuum of the car and a free car wash.  We hope this was a welcome surprise though we must apologize again for the troubles had in reaching us and the delays in service.  Regrettably, there are isolated days when the team falls behind and we apologize again if this was at all an inconvenience.  We are big believers in sharing time estimates upon checking-in your car and if the quoted time is just too long, we are always happy to reschedule.   We thank you again for the valuable feedback and we look forward to earning your full approval the next time we see you.


All the best,


ABC Garage  

400+ Unit Apt. - East Coast

Great Building, Community and Amenities  

This is a great building in the Downtown area and I’ve been really happy with my decision to live here.  The building is just about four years old so everything is in great condition (lobby carpet by the front door could be replaced).  The management team offers various social activities and the communication is great when things are going on within the building.  I use the indoor pool at least twice a week and the fitness room saves me from having to pay for a gym membership.  If you are on the hunt for an apartment, I highly recommend this place.

Dear CRG81,


Recommendations mean the world to us and we thank you for taking the time to share.  It warms our entire ABC Community team to know that our building has become “home” and we trust that you have been able to join us at Tuesday Trivia or perhaps some of our themed quarterly events (stay tuned for details on our next gathering which will be shared in early September).  We appreciate the added feedback regarding the lobby carpet and on behalf of all of us, we thank you once more for sharing your review.


Warm Regards,


Your friends at ABC Community

HVAC Company - New England


We just bought a new house and the two-zone AC Units were 19 years old.  Knowing that the units were going to need replacement in the short-term, we thought about a Home Warranty plan but since everything else in the house was fairly new, we eventually decided against a home warranty as we did not want to be locked into that company choosing which manufacturer we went with in regard to new units.    We eventually decided to work with Dan and his team and they did a great job.  They had the old units out and the new units in within 2 days.  They were very clean, unphased by our barking dog and they took the time to give us a little lesson in how the units work.  We also had them install a smart thermostat so we can control it on our phones and they taught us how to manage that as well. 

Hi Sherry,


We hope you and yours are getting settled into your new home and we thank you again for allowing us the chance to be part of that new-home process.  Your review is received with our greatest appreciation and we trust that your new Carrier systems kept you cool in last week’s heatwave.  Give the pooch a treat from all of us, and if you’ve not yet signed up for our Annual Service Maintenance Plan, we invite you to call Ashley in our office who can assist in getting that twice-a-year service plan in place.


Enjoy your weekend!

Residential Painting Company - New England

Wonderful Experience!

We have been in our house for 20 years.  The kids are gone now and it was time for an update.  We reached out to ABC Painting for a quote and received an email from them within the hour and a call three hours later.  Four days later they were at our home walking through room-by-room discussing our overall needs.  What I liked most about ABC Painting was that their service includes a color consultation and Janice was a whiz at picking some new colors to compliment our existing furniture.  All the Design shows do gray and sorry – I just need some color!  Thanks Janice!!  When we finally pulled the trigger they had a team of 8 people at our house painting woodwork, walls and even a few ceilings.  They patched small holes, removed outlet covers and door knobs – they really did everything right.  I can’t say enough about Carlos and his team.  Thank you ABC Painting – it feels like we picked up and moved to a new house. 

Dear Brenda,


A warm “hello” to you and your husband and thank you for sharing your review.  We know your fellow homeowners will find value in learning about your experience, as painting a home is a significant task.  Janice was excited to jump into the bold color palate and having heard about the photos, we encourage you to share with friends and family online, and of course our team in the office would love to see as well (#ABCPainting).   We will be sure to celebrate your kind words with Carlos and his team, and on behalf of all of us, we thank you again for spreading the word.


All the best,

ABC Painting

Luxury Spa - Southeastern U.S.


This place is overrated.  I read the reviews and everyone makes it sound like this luxurious place.  I went to check in for my body scrub and facial and the team seemed really disinterested in helping me.  The locker room was out of lotions and other products and there was no hot water in the shower.  For prices this high I would expect a little more.

Dear RG78621,


Spa days are meant to provide a serene escape and while our team is known for their ability in creating this time and again we regret to learn that your visit was inconsistent and we hope you can accept our sincerest of apologies.  Should your time allow, I am hopeful that we can coordinate a conversation for the days ahead as I would love to offer my personal apologies and invite you to share more details regarding your visit.   With that in mind, I encourage you to send your contact details to, along with the most ideal time for me to be in touch.  Once more, the pleasure was ours and I look forward to speaking with you in the days ahead.


All the best,


Jane Example

Spa Manager

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