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Celebrating Hotel Housekeeping Week 2023: Honoring the Heart of the House


Welcome to Hotel Housekeeping Week 2023, a time when we come together to celebrate and appreciate the unsung heroes of the hospitality industry – our dedicated housekeepers. These tireless individuals are the heartbeat of any hotel, ensuring that your stay is comfortable, clean, and memorable. Join us as we recognize their remarkable contributions, encourage guests to show their appreciation through tipping, and highlight the importance of leaving online reviews to support both our guest room and public area attendants.

The Heart of the House:

Housekeepers are the unsung heroes of the hotel industry. They work diligently behind the scenes to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. From meticulously cleaning rooms to ensuring you have fresh linens and toiletries, their attention to detail is unmatched. They take pride in creating a welcoming and pristine environment for every guest. In addition to what we consider a traditional housekeeper, there are often colleagues dedicated to the public areas of the hotel, and it goes without saying that these attendants are equally vital to ensuring a pleasant stay. It is the cleanliness of the lobbies, hallways, and dining areas that often generates a first impression, and the efforts of our public area attendants are just as critical as those of their peers servicing each of the hotel guest rooms.

Hospitality at Its Best:

The hospitality industry thrives on creating memorable experiences for guests, and the housekeeping team plays a pivotal role in achieving this. Their friendly smiles, warm greetings, and willingness to go the extra mile make guests feel valued and welcomed. Whether it's a tidy room or a spotless lobby, our dedicated staff ensures you have a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Encourage Guests to Tip:

Hotel Housekeeping Week (September 10-September 16, 2023) is the perfect time to show your appreciation for these hardworking individuals. One way you can express your gratitude is by leaving a generous tip for the housekeeping and public area cleaning staff. Tipping is a tangible way to acknowledge their dedication and the effort they put into making your stay exceptional.

Here are some tips on how you can show your appreciation:

  • Leave a Note: Along with your tip, consider leaving a handwritten note expressing your gratitude. A personal touch can brighten their day.

  • Use the Envelope Provided: Many hotels provide envelopes specifically for tips. Use them to ensure your tip reaches the right person.

  • Daily Tipping: If you're staying for several days, consider leaving a daily tip rather than a lump sum at the end of your stay. This way, each housekeeper and attendant will receive their fair share.

  • Be Generous: Housekeepers and public area attendants work tirelessly to maintain a high standard of cleanliness and comfort. A generous tip reflects your appreciation for their hard work.

  • Don’t forget those who service the public areas. If you can, leave a “group tip” in an envelope for the Housekeeping Director to distribute to those who don’t have the chance to earn tips in servicing rooms. Again, the efforts of those colleagues enable you to feel comfortable and at home in lobbies, meeting rooms, corridors and more.

Leaving Online Reviews:

In addition to tipping, another fantastic way to support housekeeping teams is by leaving an online review highlighting your impressions of their services. In today's digital age, consumers often make purchasing decisions based on cleanliness metrics. By sharing your positive experiences, you can help generate more guests for your favorite hotel and, consequently, future tips for these dedicated teams.

When leaving an online review:

  • Mention the exceptional cleanliness and attention to detail you experienced during your stay.

  • Highlight the warm welcome received by the team.

  • Share how their efforts contributed to making your stay memorable.


As we celebrate Hotel Housekeeping Week 2023, let's take a moment to recognize and appreciate the heart of the house - our incredible housekeeping teams. Their attention to detail, dedication, and hospitality contribute significantly to making your stay unforgettable. We encourage you to show your appreciation by tipping generously, leaving kind words of gratitude in online reviews, and helping spread the positive word about these dedicated teams. Your support and thoughtful efforts ensure a brighter Housekeeping Week for 2023.


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