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My Review

While our business is rooted in hospitality, we provide reputation management solutions for business owners and management teams in many service-based industries. This includes review management services for restaurants and cafes, the automotive industry, animal care, and residential services to name a few. Reviews are also critically important for spas and retail service providers, museums, attractions, vacation rentals, and multi-unit residential, and our My Review Concierge software assists in aggregating the reviews and data found on Google and other industry-specific websites. Whether you prefer to use AI (Artificial Intelligence), our in-house managed services, or your own thoughtful management responses, My Review Concierge is the tool needed to manage this task. 

Review Dashboard

My Review Concierge provides one easy-to-use dashboard on which you can gather, monitor, and respond to the reviews earned by your business.


89% of consumers say checking online reviews is part of their buying journey (TrustPilot)

85% of consumers don’t think reviews older than 90 days are relevant (Bright Local)

88% of customers who read an online review say it influenced their buying decision (Zendesk)


94% of diners research a restaurant’s reviews online
before going.

33% of diners refuse to eat at a restaurant with less than four stars.

77% of cusomers prefer reading reviews from other customers instead of professional critics.

research conducted by Zippia

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