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How Many Reviews is Enough: How Does TripAdvisor Rank Hotels

Picture of woman on laptop accessing TripAdvisor - Review Volume TripAdvisor Ranking Article

Our phone rang today and it was a hotel that we aren’t working with who asked us this:

"We receive two or three reviews per week and we are in the bottom 25% of hotels in our market on the TripAdvisor popularity Index. Do you think those two or three reviews we are earning each week are enough to positively affect our TripAdvisor ranking?"

As we shared with that caller, for certain websites, it would be fair to assume that the frequency in which your profile generates new reviews has an impact on the results your hotel generates on that site.

Websites Thrive on New Content

How Does TripAdvisor Rank Hotels? Think about Facebook or These sites have new contributions being made every minute. On Facebook, it’s what we call “User-Generated Content” which means its billions of users (not writers or editors at Facebook) create the website's media., on the other hand, has digital content coming from their team of writers who are publishing news-related stories multiple times per day.

TripAdvisor follows the same model as Facebook in that the content on their website is “user-generated” and that content is in the form of guest reviews.

It's safe to think that a hotel receiving 10 reviews per week will be treated more positively by websites like TripAdvisor in comparison with a hotel that receives just two. Naturally, other factors go into your TripAdvisor ranking such as the quality of your review scores, but the frequency in which your hotel is driving guest feedback is important and is something that should be monitored.

How Does TripAdvisor Rank Hotels, Review Frequency and Quality?

At The Reputation Lab, we work with our hotel and restaurant partners to put effective strategies in place aimed at increasing review frequency, quality and more, which can affect your TripAdvisor ranking and other facets of your online footprint. If this is something your business might benefit from, we invite you to email us via our secure contact form to set up a no pressure consultation or call us at 855-979-6800.


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